Galerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam/NL

October 31st - December 19th 2020



NEBULA "rukas" brooch 80 x 80 x 80 cm silver / glass/ gold


It started with a story of Fog, a bounding bike ride to school one early morning rushing past, or rushing through. Frozen figures protruding from the grey mist, the viscosity of the air palpable. Both memory and sensation, an attempt to grasp at the fog, inside the fog. The elusive space held in our cupped hands as we dip them down into the misty air to grab what we see plainly. The vacuum, the absence, the space for things to be, but also not. In Nebula, we see glass shells as hone hand, and silver as the other, cupping hollow spaces where white protrusions and recessions shift and move as you travel past, by, near, close, over, under, and away – from them. Sibling to the works INTERNO and MA, Peters’ once more addresses the space for the viewer and the wearer. However, unlike the ‘objectness’ of those bodies of work, the shell, the depths, these pieces are not the ‘form.’ It is the space inside, held between hands of silver and glass, and the light, landscape, and the figures inhabiting the brume. 




"I met up with Ruudt Peters to discuss his new collection of jewellery “Suctus”, presented for the very first time at Galerie Rob Koudijs at the end of February. We were flopped in our chairs in silent languor, both looking into nothing in particular in the distance and suddenly talking no longer seemed necessary. Ruudt had been labouring away on the collection for two years – he discovered, researched, struggled, felt disheartened, disassembled, analysed, reassembled in another way, blazed, dwindled and reignited. We looked at each other and realised it was too much to expect that he could put it all into words and tell me all about it in 20 minutes ..."


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A one on one course by Ruudt Peters          >> download info here





A new education by Gijs Bakker, Ted Noten,

Liesbeth Den Besten and Ruudt Peters         >> download info here