a workshop by RUUDT PETERS


In 2000 Peters started the NOW workshops, this year's edition is titled AFFLATUS NOW. Peters has been a professor at three of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, NL, 1990-2000, Ädellab at Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm, SE, 2004-2009, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, IT, 2009-2015. At the moment Peters is a professor at “MASieraad" Hasselt-Amsterdam in collaboration with PXL-MAD Hasselt, BE.

Through the NOW workshops he continues his teaching with a private program intended for students or graduates of art academies, and artists/designers/teachers that seek to deepen their work. Every year an international group of fine art artists and jewelry-makers participates in his workshop. The workshop takes place at Peter's summer studio in the countryside of the Netherlands.



Afflatus is used as the literal form of inspiration. It generally refers to more than the usual sudden originality, but the staggering and stunning blow of a new idea, which the recipient may be unable to explain. Afflatus is the divine wind that has blown into objects and persons.

The creation myth implies that God breathed his divine wind into people, this is the spirit God gave to men and women. Through the contact between body and mind the afflatus was formed or produced. This is what makes people unique in creation. Most objects/jewels around us do not have a spirit or soul, they're meaningless utensils without depth. The digital world is pulling us into a less grounded society. Everything gets elusive.  I believe that objects and jewellery can have Afflatus too, the more you work with an object/jewel the more layers will arise. When you create a positive and intensive surrounding making, there is a possibility that Afflatus slowly comes into the object.

In this workshop AFFLATUS NOW we learn how to look, work, and talk. We have to stand for what we are, and what we are making. AFFLATUS NOW is a workshop where we will discover and explore the power of the maker. You will fine-tune and connect with your spirit, guiding yourself on the way to delve deeper into your visual language and see yourself better. Together we will blow the divine wind into objects.

In AFFLATUS NOW we emphasize awareness of your place as an artist-maker in the jewellery field. AFFLATUS NOW we question your images and habits and firmly confront you with them in art and art-jewellery making. AFFLATUS NOW is about strength, we will positively convert this energy into art and art jewellery.

It can be difficult to keep concepts clear to the end – parents or the wearer are always looking over the shoulder of the maker.  In AFFLATUS NOW we will avoid this inner voice and celebrate the making, to try to discover Afflatus in all its possible entities. You learn to think open-mindedly in AFFLATUS NOW and give form to your dreams.

The AFFLATUS NOW course is built on a step-by-step process of education in which an end product is not the most important goal. The emphasis lies on personal guidance and development. The participants are given the tools with which to continue this process on their own. Using direct action people learn to take steps.



This year we continue the ‘open call’, especially for students from art schools, they can apply to attend AFFLATUS NOW for a reduced price of € 1090,-- exclusive 21% VAT tax. Deadline 1st of May 2024. There are only 4 grants for young art students and recent graduates who have completed studies in the last year.  Students who receive the grant will also have to do some supporting work during the workshop.  How to apply? Please send with your application: 1, Letter of recommendation from your professor. 2, Official certificate of registration from your university. 3, statement about why you want to attend the workshop and what you want to learn.



Dates: 12 to 16 August, 2024. 8.00-20.00 hrs total  ± 50 hrs teaching

Arrival: Monday, 12th August 2024, 9.00 hrs at the train station of Ravenstein.

The course starts Monday, 12th August 2024, at 9.00 hrs at the summer studio.

The course ends: Friday, 16th August 2024, 18.00 hrs

Departure:, Friday, 16th August 2024, 19.00 hrs. at the train station of Ravenstein.

Place: Summer studio, Ravenstein. the Netherlands

Accommodations: 2 rooms, Maasgaarde Megen.

Price: Including accommodation, food, drinks, wine, tourist tax, and insurance.

€ 1500,-- euro exclusive 21% VAT tax
Non-European participants don't have to pay 21% VAT tax.
European participants with a valid VAT number do not have to pay VAT.


REGISTRATION Please mail to: info@ruudtpeters.nl

- application form

- 6 images of your work, only in 72 dpi.

- photo of yourself

- curriculum vitae

- statement of motivation: why you like to follow AFFLATUS NOW


Number: ±10 persons can participate in the course

Language: English, German, Dutch, 

Registration closes: 1st of August 2024

Participation: Registrations are processed in the order in which they arrive.



Total payment: The total workshop fee has to be paid 1st of July 2024 before the workshop starts.

This sum confirms the participation and is not refundable.

Please transfer at : ABN-AMRO to: Marinus Petrus Peters

IBAN NL12 ABNA 0590 4588 41  -   BIC-Swift  ABNANL2A

ABN AMRO BANK, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP  Amsterdam, the Netherlands
(We send you an invoice when you are accepted, we don’t accept cheques) 



If we receive your application and total payment before the 1st of May 2024 a discount on the price will be given, discount price: 1290,--  euro exclusive 21% VAT tax



For more information: Ruudt Peters: info@ruudtpeters.nl   www.ruudtpeters.nl

assistant Daniel Jirkovsky:  danijir@seznam.cz

We would be very grateful if you would pass on this information to other interested artists & jewellery makers.