A workshop by Ruudt Peters

August 3rd - 9th 2020 in Ravenstein/NL

Afflatus is used for the literal form of inspiration. It generally refers to more than the usual sudden originality, but the staggering and stunning blow of a new idea, which the recipient may be unable to explain. Afflatus is the divine wind that God has blown into persons and objects ...



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"I met up with Ruudt Peters to discuss his new collection of jewellery “Suctus”, presented for the very first time at Galerie Rob Koudijs at the end of February. We were flopped in our chairs in silent languor, both looking into nothing in particular in the distance and suddenly talking no longer seemed necessary. Ruudt had been labouring away on the collection for two years – he discovered, researched, struggled, felt disheartened, disassembled, analysed, reassembled in another way, blazed, dwindled and reignited. We looked at each other and realised it was too much to expect that he could put it all into words and tell me all about it in 20 minutes ..."


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