21 Gram & BRON in Hangzhou!


Crafts Museum, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, CN

November 7th - December 10th 2018


 BRON exhibition is made possible by support of  >> Fonds21 en  >> BNG Cultuurfonds




Klimt02 Interview
Ruudt Peters about 21 Grams

Klimt02 After 3 years, you are back to China for another extraordinary project, you have established many connections with Chinese artists since then as well. Can you describe the changes and growth you have seen within art jewellery (in China) in the past years, what impressed you the most?

R.P. China is an incredible fast growing society. Indication and movements follow each other quickly. Indication goes at a furious speed, just like technological developments. About the jewellery, Chinese people are very up to date of what happens in the world, they try to give an answer to what is important in their Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is 180 degrees different from the western and this yields other things. I don’t understand them and I will never do.

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