As Above as Under, 2005

VU crockery consist of 50 parts: 40 small cups for patients, a wine goblet and wine jug, water cup, ciborium (repository for the hosts), 2 trays, 2 bread trays and a baptismal bowl. These services operate in and on the bed. Will guide the design was the idea of ??tangibility: "Such a chalice has content you feel no connection with the body of Christ. I wanted something tangible references "The basic form of all components is the diabolo and the motto of the design was." As above - so below. " Peters: "The shape refers to the tangent point from top to bottom, Adam and God in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. But also to Buddhism, the lotus which is turned up and down, and for ideas about the microcosm and macrocosm. All together led to that form, in which the contact is essential -. Only the contact is hidden under a layer of red acrylic and partially removed to show that it is intrinsically different from the appearance "The silver bowls, cups and chalices were conducted a German goldsmith. He himself took care of the upholstery with red acrylic, and in the case of the baptismal bowl and cup water clear acrylic. So this refers material as uneven skin on the contact points of the objects located directly to the body and blood of Christ. The retention leads to a very different sensation than feeling the touch of a cool silver cup, and will certainly spread the excised patch raise questions.

Liesbeth den Besten, Trouw
April 3, 2006